September 25th All Events

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September 25th, 2007 (September 25 2007)DeathHaidar Abdel-Shafi, Palestinian negotiator (born in 1919)
September 25th, 2006 (September 25 2006)DeathJeff Cooper, American firearms expert (born in 1920)
September 25th, 2006 (September 25 2006)DeathJohn M. Ford, American author and poet (born in 1957)
September 25th, 2005 (September 25 2005)EventE1 Train Disaster
September 25th, 2005 (September 25 2005)DeathDon Adams, American actor and comedian (born in 1923)
September 25th, 2005 (September 25 2005)DeathGeorge Archer, American golfer (born in 1939)
September 25th, 2005 (September 25 2005)DeathGhulam Mustafa Khan, Pakistani critic and linguist (born in 1912)
September 25th, 2005 (September 25 2005)DeathUrie Bronfenbrenner, American psychologist (born in 1917)
September 25th, 2005 (September 25 2005)DeathM. Scott Peck, American psychiatrist and writer (born in 1936)
September 25th, 2005 (September 25 2005)DeathFriedrich Peter, Austrian politician (born in 1921)
September 25th, 2003 (September 25 2003)EventA magnitude-8.0 earthquake strikes just offshore of Hokkaido, Japan.
September 25th, 2003 (September 25 2003)DeathAquila al-Hashimi, Iraqi politician (born in 1953)
September 25th, 2003 (September 25 2003)DeathHerb Gardner, American playwright (born in 1934)
September 25th, 2003 (September 25 2003)DeathFranco Modigliani, Italian economist, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1918)
September 25th, 2003 (September 25 2003)DeathGeorge Plimpton, American writer and actor (born in 1927)
September 25th, 2003 (September 25 2003)DeathEdward Said, Palestinian-born literary critic (born in 1935)
September 25th, 2002 (September 25 2002)EventThe Vitim event, a possible bolide impact in Siberia, Russia.
September 25th, 2000 (September 25 2000)DeathR. S. Thomas, Welsh poet (born in 1913)
September 25th, 1999 (September 25 1999)DeathMarion Zimmer Bradley, American writer (born in 1930)
September 25th, 1997 (September 25 1997)EventWing Commander Andy Green, OBE (RAF) establishes the world Land Speed Record at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah in the ThrustSSC jet-powered car, and becomes the first man to break the speed of sound on land.
September 25th, 1997 (September 25 1997)DeathJean Francaix, French composer (born in 1912)
September 25th, 1997 (September 25 1997)DeathHelene Baillargeon, Quebec singer and folklorist (born in 1916)
September 25th, 1996 (September 25 1996)EventThe last of the Magdalen Asylums closes in Ireland.
September 25th, 1996 (September 25 1996)DeathNicu Ceausescu, Romanian politician (born in 1951)
September 25th, 1995 (September 25 1995)DeathDave Bowen, Welsh football manager (born in 1928)
September 25th, 1995 (September 25 1995)DeathBessie Delany, American physician and author (born in 1891)
September 25th, 1994 (September 25 1994)BirthJansen Panettiere, American actor
September 25th, 1991 (September 25 1991)DeathKlaus Barbie, Nazi war criminal (born in 1913)Klaus Barbie Quotes
September 25th, 1991 (September 25 1991)DeathViviane Romance, French actress (born in 1912)
September 25th, 1990 (September 25 1990)BirthMao Asada, Japanese figure skater
September 25th, 1988 (September 25 1988)DeathBilly Carter, brother of Jimmy Carter (born in 1937)Jimmy Carter Quotes
September 25th, 1987 (September 25 1987)DeathMary Astor, American actress (born in 1906)
September 25th, 1987 (September 25 1987)DeathEmlyn Williams, Welsh actor (born in 1905)
September 25th, 1986 (September 25 1986)DeathNikolay Nikolayevich Semyonov, Russian chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1896)
September 25th, 1986 (September 25 1986)DeathDonald MacDonald, Canadian politician (b.1909)
September 25th, 1986 (September 25 1986)DeathHans Vogt, Norwegian linguist (born in 1909)
September 25th, 1986 (September 25 1986)DeathDarshan Singh Canadian, Indian communist leader (born in 1917)
September 25th, 1985 (September 25 1985)BirthCalvin Johnson, American football playerJohn Calvin Quotes
September 25th, 1984 (September 25 1984)BirthMatt Carle, American ice hockey player
September 25th, 1984 (September 25 1984)DeathWalter Pidgeon, Canadian actor (born in 1897)
September 25th, 1983 (September 25 1983)EventMaze Prison escape. 38 republican prisoners, armed with 6 handguns, hijacked a prison meals lorry and smashed their way out of HMP Maze. The largest prison escape since WWII and in British history.
September 25th, 1983 (September 25 1983)BirthTerrance Pennington, National Football League guard
September 25th, 1983 (September 25 1983)DeathKing Leopold III of Belgium (born in 1901)
September 25th, 1982 (September 25 1982)BirthHyun Bin, South Korean actor
September 25th, 1981 (September 25 1981)EventSandra Day O Connor was the 102nd Justice sworn in as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, the first woman to hold the office.
September 25th, 1981 (September 25 1981)BirthRocco Baldelli, American baseball player
September 25th, 1981 (September 25 1981)BirthJason Bergmann, American baseball player
September 25th, 1981 (September 25 1981)BirthShane Tutmarc, American songwriter and musician
September 25th, 1981 (September 25 1981)BirthVan Hansis, American actor
September 25th, 1980 (September 25 1980)EventThe first congress of the Democratic Youth Organization of Afghanistan held in Kabul.
September 25th, 1980 (September 25 1980)BirthT.I., American rapper
September 25th, 1980 (September 25 1980)DeathJohn Bonham, British drummer (Led Zeppelin) (born in 1948)
September 25th, 1980 (September 25 1980)DeathLewis Milestone, Moldovan film director (born in 1895)
September 25th, 1980 (September 25 1980)DeathMarie Under, Estonian author and poet (born in 1883)
September 25th, 1980 (September 25 1980)DeathEarl Curry, American religious author (born in 1890)
September 25th, 1979 (September 25 1979)DeathTapio Rautavaara, Finnish athlete and actor (born in 1915)
September 25th, 1978 (September 25 1978)EventPSA Flight 182, a Boeing 727-214, collides in mid-air with a Cessna 172 and crashes in San Diego, California, resulting in the deaths of 144 people.
September 25th, 1978 (September 25 1978)BirthRoudolphe Douala, Cameroonian footballer
September 25th, 1978 (September 25 1978)BirthRicardo Gardner, Jamaican footballer
September 25th, 1978 (September 25 1978)BirthJodie Kidd, English model
September 25th, 1978 (September 25 1978)BirthJoel Pineiro, Puerto Rican baseball player
September 25th, 1977 (September 25 1977)BirthClea DuVall, American actress
September 25th, 1977 (September 25 1977)BirthMike Krahulik, Illustrator
September 25th, 1977 (September 25 1977)BirthWil Nieves, Puerto Rican baseball player
September 25th, 1976 (September 25 1976)BirthChauncey Billups, American basketball player
September 25th, 1975 (September 25 1975)BirthDeclan Donnelly, English television presenter (Ant and Dec)
September 25th, 1975 (September 25 1975)BirthMatt Hasselbeck, American football player
September 25th, 1975 (September 25 1975)BirthDaniel Hyde, British actor
September 25th, 1974 (September 25 1974)BirthDaniel Kessler, American musician (Interpol)
September 25th, 1973 (September 25 1973)BirthBridgette Wilson, American actress
September 25th, 1973 (September 25 1973)BirthTijani Babangida, Nigerian footballer
September 25th, 1973 (September 25 1973)BirthBridget Marquardt, American model
September 25th, 1972 (September 25 1972)EventIn the Norwegian EC referendum, 1972, the people of Norway reject membership.
September 25th, 1971 (September 25 1971)BirthJohn Lynch, American football player
September 25th, 1970 (September 25 1970)EventCease-fire between Jordan and the fedayeen ends fighting triggered by four hijackings on September 6 and 9.
September 25th, 1970 (September 25 1970)BirthDean Ween, American musician (Ween)
September 25th, 1970 (September 25 1970)DeathErich Maria Remarque, German author (born in 1898)Erich Maria Remarque Quotes
September 25th, 1969 (September 25 1969)BirthHansie Cronje, South African cricketer (died in 2002)
September 25th, 1969 (September 25 1969)BirthCatherine Zeta-Jones, Welsh actress
September 25th, 1969 (September 25 1969)BirthHal Sparks, American actor
September 25th, 1969 (September 25 1969)BirthHeather Stewart-Whyte, British supermodel
September 25th, 1968 (September 25 1968)BirthWill Smith, American actor and rapperWill Smith Quotes
September 25th, 1968 (September 25 1968)BirthJohn Worsfold, Australian rules football coach
September 25th, 1968 (September 25 1968)BirthPrince Johan-Friso of Orange-Nassau
September 25th, 1968 (September 25 1968)DeathHans F. K. Gunther, German eugenicist (born in 1891)
September 25th, 1967 (September 25 1967)BirthKim Issel, Canadian ice hockey player
September 25th, 1965 (September 25 1965)BirthScottie Pippen, American basketball player
September 25th, 1964 (September 25 1964)BirthAnita Barone, American actress
September 25th, 1964 (September 25 1964)BirthKikuko Inoue, Japanese singer and voice actress (seiyu)
September 25th, 1964 (September 25 1964)BirthJoey Saputo, Canadian businessman and sports executive
September 25th, 1964 (September 25 1964)BirthGary Ayles, British racing driver
September 25th, 1964 (September 25 1964)BirthMaria Doyle Kennedy, Irish actress and singer
September 25th, 1963 (September 25 1963)BirthKeely Shaye Smith, American journalist; wife of Pierce Brosnan
September 25th, 1963 (September 25 1963)BirthTate Donovan, American actor
September 25th, 1962 (September 25 1962)EventThe People s Democratic Republic of Algeria is formally proclaimedied in Ferhat Abbas is elected President of the provisional government.
September 25th, 1962 (September 25 1962)BirthAida Turturro, American actress
September 25th, 1961 (September 25 1961)BirthHeather Locklear, American actress and model
September 25th, 1961 (September 25 1961)DeathFrank Fay American actor (born in 1897)
September 25th, 1960 (September 25 1960)BirthIgor Belanov, Ukrainian footballer
September 25th, 1960 (September 25 1960)BirthSonia Benezra, Canadian television host
September 25th, 1960 (September 25 1960)DeathEmily Post, American etiquette expert (born in 1873)
September 25th, 1959 (September 25 1959)EventSolomon Bandaranaike, prime minister of Sri Lanka is mortally wounded by a Buddhist monk, Talduwe Somarama, and dies the next day. Solomon Quotes
September 25th, 1958 (September 25 1958)BirthMichael Madsen, American actor
September 25th, 1958 (September 25 1958)BirthEamonn Healy, Irish chemist
September 25th, 1957 (September 25 1957)EventCentral High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, is integrated through the use of United States Army troops.
September 25th, 1957 (September 25 1957)BirthIan Reddington, English actor
September 25th, 1956 (September 25 1956)BirthJamie Hyneman, American visual effects technician
September 25th, 1955 (September 25 1955)EventThe Royal Jordanian Air Force is founded.
September 25th, 1955 (September 25 1955)BirthSteven Severin, British musician (Siouxsie & the Banshees)
September 25th, 1955 (September 25 1955)BirthKarl-Heinz Rummenigge, German footballer
September 25th, 1955 (September 25 1955)BirthLudo Coeck, Belgian footballer (died in 1985)
September 25th, 1954 (September 25 1954)BirthSylvester Croom, American college football coach
September 25th, 1954 (September 25 1954)BirthJuande Ramos, Spanish Football Manager
September 25th, 1953 (September 25 1953)BirthRichard Harvey, British musician and composer (Gryphon)
September 25th, 1952 (September 25 1952)BirthChristopher Reeve, American actor (died in 2004)Christopher Reeve Quotes
September 25th, 1952 (September 25 1952)BirthGloria Jean Watkins, American scholar
September 25th, 1952 (September 25 1952)BirthAnson Williams, American actor and director
September 25th, 1951 (September 25 1951)BirthMark Hamill, American actor
September 25th, 1947 (September 25 1947)BirthCheryl Tiegs, American model
September 25th, 1946 (September 25 1946)BirthFelicity Kendal, British actress
September 25th, 1946 (September 25 1946)BirthBryan MacLean, American musician and songwriter (Love) (died in 1998)
September 25th, 1946 (September 25 1946)BirthJerry Penrod, American bass player
September 25th, 1946 (September 25 1946)DeathHans Eppinger, Austrian physician and war criminal (born in 1879)
September 25th, 1945 (September 25 1945)BirthCarol Vadnais, Canadian ice hockey player
September 25th, 1944 (September 25 1944)EventSurviving elements of the British 1st Airborne Division withdraw from Arnhem in the Netherlands, thus ending Operation Market Garden.
September 25th, 1944 (September 25 1944)BirthMichael Douglas, American actor and producer
September 25th, 1944 (September 25 1944)BirthDoris Matsui, American politician
September 25th, 1943 (September 25 1943)BirthRobert Gates, American Secretary of Defense
September 25th, 1943 (September 25 1943)BirthJohn Locke, American musician (died in 2006)
September 25th, 1939 (September 25 1939)BirthFeroz Khan, Indian actor
September 25th, 1938 (September 25 1938)BirthJonathan Motzfeldt, first Prime Minister of Greenland
September 25th, 1936 (September 25 1936)BirthJuliet Prowse, British actress and dancer (died in 1996)
September 25th, 1934 (September 25 1934)BirthJean Sorel, French actor
September 25th, 1933 (September 25 1933)BirthHubie Brown, American basketball coach and broadcaster
September 25th, 1933 (September 25 1933)BirthBrian Murphy, British actor
September 25th, 1933 (September 25 1933)DeathRing Lardner, American writer (born in 1885)Ring Lardner Quotes
September 25th, 1932 (September 25 1932)BirthGlenn Gould, Canadian pianist and composer (died in 1982)
September 25th, 1932 (September 25 1932)BirthTerry Medwin, Welsh retired footballer
September 25th, 1932 (September 25 1932)BirthAdolfo Suarez, Prime Minister of Spain (1977-1981)
September 25th, 1931 (September 25 1931)BirthManouchehr Atashi, Iranian poet (died in 2005)
September 25th, 1930 (September 25 1930)BirthShel Silverstein, American humorist and author (died in 1999)
September 25th, 1929 (September 25 1929)EventJimmy Doolittle performs the first blind flight from Mitchel Field proving that full Instrument Flying from take off to landing is possible.
September 25th, 1929 (September 25 1929)BirthRonnie Barker, British comedian and actor (died in 2005)
September 25th, 1929 (September 25 1929)BirthBarbara Walters, American broadcaster
September 25th, 1929 (September 25 1929)DeathMiller Huggins, American baseball player and manager (born in 1879)
September 25th, 1927 (September 25 1927)BirthSir Colin Davis, English conductor
September 25th, 1926 (September 25 1926)BirthAldo Ray, American actor (died in 1991)
September 25th, 1926 (September 25 1926)BirthJack Hyles, Baptist pastor (died in 2001)
September 25th, 1926 (September 25 1926)DeathHerbert Booth, son of William and Catherine Booth (born in 1862)William Booth Quotes
September 25th, 1925 (September 25 1925)BirthPaul B. MacCready, Jr., American aeronautical engineer (died in 2007)Ron Paul Quotes
September 25th, 1925 (September 25 1925)BirthSilvana Pampanini, Italian actress
September 25th, 1922 (September 25 1922)BirthHammer DeRoburt, first President of Nauru (died in 1992)
September 25th, 1921 (September 25 1921)BirthSir Robert Muldoon, Prime Minister of New Zealand (died in 1992)
September 25th, 1920 (September 25 1920)BirthSergei Bondarchuk, Ukrainian-born actor (died in 1994)
September 25th, 1918 (September 25 1918)DeathMikhail Alekseev, Russian general (born in 1857)
September 25th, 1917 (September 25 1917)BirthPhil Rizzuto, American baseball player and sportscaster (died in 2007)
September 25th, 1917 (September 25 1917)BirthJohnny Sain, American baseball player (died in 2006)
September 25th, 1916 (September 25 1916)BirthJessica Anderson, Australian author
September 25th, 1915 (September 25 1915)EventThe Second Battle of Champagne begins.
September 25th, 1915 (September 25 1915)BirthEthel Rosenberg, American Communist (died in 1953)
September 25th, 1912 (September 25 1912)EventColumbia University Graduate School of Journalism is founded in New York, New York.
September 25th, 1911 (September 25 1911)EventGround is broken for Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts.
September 25th, 1911 (September 25 1911)BirthEric Williams, first Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago (died in 1981)
September 25th, 1906 (September 25 1906)EventIn the presence of the king and before a great crowd, Leonardo Torres Quevedo successfully demonstrates the invention of the Telekino in the port of Bilbao, guiding a boat from the shore, in what is considered the birth of the Remote control.
September 25th, 1906 (September 25 1906)BirthDmitri Shostakovich, Russian composer (died in 1975)Dmitri Shostakovich Quotes
September 25th, 1905 (September 25 1905)DeathJacques Marie Eugene Godefroy Cavaignac, French politician (born in 1853)
September 25th, 1903 (September 25 1903)BirthMark Rothko, Latvian-born painter (died in 1970)
September 25th, 1901 (September 25 1901)BirthRobert Bresson, French film director (died in 1999)
September 25th, 1901 (September 25 1901)DeathArthur Fremantle, British general and American Civil War observer (born in 1835)
September 25th, 1900 (September 25 1900)DeathFelix-Gabriel Marchand, premier of Quebec (born in 1832)
September 25th, 1898 (September 25 1898)BirthRobert Brackman American artist (died in 1980)
September 25th, 1897 (September 25 1897)BirthWilliam Faulkner, American writer, Nobel laureate (died in 1962)William Faulkner Quotes
September 25th, 1896 (September 25 1896)BirthSandro Pertini, President of the Italian Republic (died in 1990)
September 25th, 1889 (September 25 1889)BirthC. K. Scott-Moncrieff, Scottish writer and translator (died in 1930)
September 25th, 1881 (September 25 1881)BirthLu Xun, Chinese writer (died in 1936) Lu Xun Quotes
September 25th, 1879 (September 25 1879)BirthLope K. Santos, Filipino writer and labor leader, Father of the Philippine National Language and Grammar (died in 1963)
September 25th, 1868 (September 25 1868)EventThe Imperial Russian steam frigate Alexander Neuski shipwrecks off Jutland while carrying Grand Duke Alexei of Russia.
September 25th, 1867 (September 25 1867)BirthEvgenii Miller, Russian counter-revolutionary (died in 1938)
September 25th, 1867 (September 25 1867)DeathOliver Loving, American pioneer rancher (born in 1812)
September 25th, 1866 (September 25 1866)BirthThomas Hunt Morgan, American geneticist, Nobel laureate (died in 1945)
September 25th, 1862 (September 25 1862)BirthBilly Hughes, seventh Prime Minister of Australia (died in 1952)
September 25th, 1849 (September 25 1849)DeathJohann Strauss, Senior, Austrian composer (born in 1804)
September 25th, 1846 (September 25 1846)EventU.S. forces led by Zachary Taylor captured the Mexican city of Monterrey.Zachary Taylor Quotes
September 25th, 1839 (September 25 1839)BirthKarl Alfred von Zittel, German palaeontologist (died in 1904)
September 25th, 1825 (September 25 1825)BirthWilliam Pitt Ballinger, Texas lawyer and statesman (died in 1888)
September 25th, 1825 (September 25 1825)DeathJoachim Heer, Swiss politician (born in 1879)
September 25th, 1804 (September 25 1804)EventThe Teton Sioux (a subdivision of the Lakota) demand one of the boats from the Lewis and Clark Expedition as a toll for moving further upriver.
September 25th, 1798 (September 25 1798)BirthJean-Baptiste Elie de Beaumont, French geologist (died in 1874)
September 25th, 1796 (September 25 1796)BirthAntoine-Louis Barye, French sculptor (died in 1875)
September 25th, 1794 (September 25 1794)DeathPaul Rabaut, French Huguenot pastor (born in 1718)
September 25th, 1792 (September 25 1792)DeathAdam Gottlob Moltke, Danish statesman (born in 1710)
September 25th, 1791 (September 25 1791)DeathWilliam Bradford, American printer (born in 1719)William Bradford Quotes
September 25th, 1789 (September 25 1789)EventThe U.S. Congress passes twelve amendments to the United States Constitution: the Congressional Apportionment Amendment, the Congressional Compensation Amendment, and the ten that are known as the Bill of Rights. Only the Bill of Rights were ratified at the time, while the other two were proposed by James Madison but not ratifiedied in In 1992, the Congressional Compensation Amendment was ratified as the 27th amendment to the Constitution.James Madison Quotes
September 25th, 1782 (September 25 1782)BirthCharles Robert Maturin, Irish playwright and novelist (died in 1824)
September 25th, 1780 (September 25 1780)BirthJason Fairbanks, American murderer (died in 1801)
September 25th, 1777 (September 25 1777)DeathJohann Heinrich Lambert, German scientist (born in 1728)
September 25th, 1774 (September 25 1774)DeathJohn Bradstreet, Canadian-born soldier (born in 1714)
September 25th, 1773 (September 25 1773)BirthAgostino Bassi, Italian entomologist (died in 1856)
September 25th, 1766 (September 25 1766)BirthArmand-Emmanuel du Plessis, Duc de Richelieu, French-Russian statesman (died in 1822)
September 25th, 1764 (September 25 1764)BirthFletcher Christian, English Bounty mutineer (died in 1793)
September 25th, 1738 (September 25 1738)BirthNicholas Van Dyke, American lawyer and President of Delaware (died in 1789)
September 25th, 1725 (September 25 1725)BirthNicolas-Joseph Cugnot, French steam vehicle pioneer (died in 1804)
September 25th, 1711 (September 25 1711)BirthQianlong Emperor of China (died in 1799)
September 25th, 1703 (September 25 1703)DeathArchibald Campbell, 1st Duke of Argyll, Scottish privy councillor (born in 1658)
September 25th, 1694 (September 25 1694)BirthHenry Pelham, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (died in 1754)
September 25th, 1690 (September 25 1690)Event"Publick Occurrences Both Foreign and Domestick", the first newspaper to appear in the Americas, is published for the first and only time.
September 25th, 1683 (September 25 1683)BirthJean-Philippe Rameau, French composer (died in 1764)
September 25th, 1665 (September 25 1665)DeathMaria Anna of Austria, Electress of Bavaria (born in 1610)
September 25th, 1644 (September 25 1644)BirthOle Romer, Danish astronomer (died in 1710)
September 25th, 1630 (September 25 1630)DeathAmbrogio Spinola, marques de los Balbases, Italian general (born in 1569)
September 25th, 1626 (September 25 1626)DeathLancelot Andrewes, English scholar and Bishop of the Church of England (born in 1555)Lancelot Andrewes Quotes
September 25th, 1617 (September 25 1617)DeathFrancisco Suarez, Spanish Jesuit theologian (born in 1548)
September 25th, 1617 (September 25 1617)DeathEmperor Go-Yozei of Japan (born in 1617)
September 25th, 1602 (September 25 1602)DeathCaspar Peucer, German reformer (born in 1525)
September 25th, 1599 (September 25 1599)BirthFrancesco Borromini, Italian architect (died in 1667)
September 25th, 1555 (September 25 1555)EventThe Peace of Augsburg is signed in Augsburg by Charles V and the princes of the Schmalkaldic League.
September 25th, 1536 (September 25 1536)DeathJohannes Secundus, Dutch poet (born in 1511)
September 25th, 1534 (September 25 1534)DeathPope Clement VII (born in 1478)
September 25th, 1525 (September 25 1525)BirthSteven Borough, English explorer (died in 1584)
September 25th, 1513 (September 25 1513)EventSpanish explorer Vasco Nunez de Balboa reached what would be known as the Pacific Ocean.
September 25th, 1506 (September 25 1506)DeathKing Philip I of Castile (born in 1478)
September 25th, 1496 (September 25 1496)DeathPiero Capponi, Italian soldier and statesman (born in 1447)
September 25th, 1396 (September 25 1396)EventOttoman Emperor Bayezid I defeats a Christian army at the Battle of Nicopolis.
September 25th, 1358 (September 25 1358)BirthAshikaga Yoshimitsu, Japanese shogun (died in 1408)
September 25th, 1333 (September 25 1333)DeathPrince Morikuni, Japanese shogun (born in 1301)
September 25th, 1086 (September 25 1086)DeathWilliam VIII, Duke of Aquitaine (born in 1025)
September 25th, 1066 (September 25 1066)EventThe Battle of Stamford Bridge marks the end of the Anglo-Saxon era.
September 25th, 1066 (September 25 1066)DeathTostig Godwinson, Earl of Northumbria
September 25th, 1066 (September 25 1066)DeathHarald III of Norway (born in 1015)
September 25th, 0303 (September 25 0303)EventOn a voyage preaching the gospel, Saint Fermin of Pamplona is beheaded in Amiens, France.

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